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“Finding employment by training and job rotation” from The Living Link selected as one of 86 Zero Project Innovative Practices 2016

At this year’s Zero Project Conference on “Inclusive Education and ICT”,
The Living Link
was recognized as one of 86 “Zero Project Innovative Practices 2016”, able to facilitate the transition towards a world without barriers. The project was distinguished at the United Nations Office in Vienna at the presence of more than 500 experts in the field of disability rights from around the world for its achievements in inclusive education and/or accessible Information and Communication Technology.
Zero Project Conference 2016

Zero Project Award 2016
Zero Project 2016

About the Zero Project

The Zero Project focuses on the rights of persons with disabilities globally. It provides a platform where the most innovative and effective solutions to problems that persons with disabilities face are shared. The Zero Project was initiated by the Essl Foundation in 2010, and has run in partnership with the World Future Council since 2011 and with the European Foundation Centre since 2013. The mission of the Zero Project is to work for a world without barriers, according to the principles and Articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UN CRPD).

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