Sponsorship Opportunities

At The Living Link we are continuously looking to grow and enhance the business of helping people with intellectual disabilities. There are a number of projects that we are looking to grow and also start from scratch. By getting involved in these, possibilities and opportunity will become a reality for many intellectually disabled adults that previously have not had the benefits of operating in the main stream of our society. Many of our potential students are from disadvantaged backgrounds with single, unemployed or no parents at all. Many are referred by NGO’s who are also unable to pay fees. This means that a lot of people living with intellectual impairments are unable to access basic opportunities for a better quality of life.

All donations and sponsorships will receive a Section 18A Tax Certificate from The Living Link.

Student Tuition

The annual tuition cost of The Adult Integration Programme is R60 000 per student and we are looking for partial or full sponsorship for our disadvantaged students.

Amount requested

    • Partial student sponsorship : 50% of R5500 x 12 = R33 000
  • 1 student sponsorship: R5500 x 12 = R66 000

Other areas of need

ProjectProject Total Required Annually
Cash DonationUnstipulated
Sponsor-a-student12 students for R792 000 or R66 000 per student
Employment: The Gap – R1500 stipend per month x 12 students x 12 monthsR216 000
Employment: Permanent positionsDependent upon positions placed
Training centre equipmentR150 000
Student Computer EquipmentR100 000
Office maintenanceR85 000
Training programme requirements including paper & printingR100 000
Kitchen consumables/equipmentR75 000
Independent Living upgradeR220 000
Day to day finances are handled by an accountant who reconciles accounts on a monthly basis.
Financials are audited annually by Dannhauser Inc.